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You Are My Sunshine - Annabelle Creation
Bing Crosby Sound - Swing On A Star
Crooner - Rose Colored Glasses
Country - Whiskey & Zorn
Country - Chattahoochee
R&B Pop - Duet Voice 1
Soft Folk - Blue Spotted Tail
Thematic - Deep Bass
Thematic - Halloween
1920s Sound - Black Monday
Cowdrive - American Dad


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CHARLES McDONALD is a singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist. He blends honest down-to-Earth lyrics with memorable melodies, creating a sound that crosses genres. His influences are wide ranging from Paul McCartney to Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel to Sufjan Stevens, Johnny Cash to Bill Withers. McDonald brings an air of nostalgia and charm to the forefront; bridging the gap between the iconic sounds of the 30's and 40's, and contemporary genres.In addition to his original music, Charles is a SAG-AFTRA session singer and voice over artist in the film and television industry; as well as a vocal and piano coach. He has lent his versatile and unique sound to numerous films, television shows, video games, and live award shows. He has been featured in everything from La La Land to Annabelle, The Voice to The Game Awards.

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